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Goth versus Emo

Posted in Uncategorized on February 17, 2009 by Rica Cristina Baldomar

Goth was the reporter’s topic earlier in class. She talked about what it is to be goth and all that jazz. And then we came to the discussion of emo. Let it be known that emo and goth are two seperate entities.

When you talk about emo this deals with the emotion, the fashion and the music. Emo is a spin off of punk rock and has evolved from there. When one speaks of emo music wise one deals with the canons like Simple Plan, Siaosin and Jump Suit Apparatus who have begun the trends. Fall Out Boy which is the most popular emo band at the moment is considered a sell out by a lot of emo bands.

When one talks of emo fashion this deals with tight pants (a.k.a. skinny jeans), hoodies, and chucks. Being emo fashion wise also entails the all around bangs which usually covers an eye. Emos also don the black nail polish and black eyeliners. The said items are the reason that emos and goths are usually lumped together in the same spot. I assure you, there is a DIFFERENCE. To discerning eye, there are little signals which scream that an individual is your generic emo.

When one is emo one is alos emotional. This goes to say that you get upset over the little things. You cry about over almost anything and you whine about not being understood, nobody loves you, blahblahblah.

Now, on to a more interesting topic. Goth.

To subscribe to the goth trend one usually follows a certain trend in music and fashion. Goths are usually confused as emos and vise versa because both’s music belongs to the rock genre. While as emos lean more towards punk rock, goths on the other hand have their own particular brand of rock called gothic rock (what else would you think it would be called?). Some examples of gothic rock are Lacuna Coil, The Rasmus and Marilyn Manson who is already considered mainstream gothic rock.

Fashion wise, to be goth means a lot of black lace and black leather. To adhere to gothic fashion is to be timeless. Gothic fashion is all about vintage, black leather and old lace. It’s the type of clothes wherein one senses that the clothes belong to an older era, a time wherein tarrots and candles were of the mode.

To be gothic is to mix the pagan with christianity, the dark with light. Evil and the errotic are constant elements in this field. Oh yeah, and black nail polish and eye liner.

I heart gothic. X.X


Frustrated at Manga

Posted in Uncategorized on February 16, 2009 by Rica Cristina Baldomar

I forgot the reason why I usually dont read new manga. And then I remembered why when I started reading Vampire Knight: it takes too long to update!

I hate this. I hate the constant cliffhangers and the horrid waiting for the next issue. Why does it take so long for the producers to release the issues? Don’t tell me that don’t have the whole blasted thing mapped out or something! Curses!!! If I were’nt so hooked on the blasted manga I wouldn’t give a damn. But I am. And now I have to suffer every month to wait for the blasted thing to update.

This sucks. X.X

Food and fights about food.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2009 by Rica Cristina Baldomar

Watch a movie this morning in Disney. I think it was called Food Boy or something, I cant really remember. It’s main character was a high school student who had the power to generate any kind of food out of his wrist (sort of like Spiderman and his silk thingy but in this case it’s food). Anyway, the guy who plays the main character is that guy from High School Musical, I mean one of the twins (did I ever mention that I’m not very good with names? No? Well this is as good as anytime to mention it).

Ok, back to Food Boy (or whatever the title of that movie was).  Since the movie was about food and the boy with the power to generate them this meant that a lot of food was used for props. I was bothered by this because while I was watching the movie I kept on thinking about the peole on the other side of the globe who werent eating right, or even of the people in the slums who barely have enough to eat. It sucked, having to watch a movie wherein a lot of real food was wasted while there’s such a thing as global hunger.

Another thing that bothered me about the movie was the food fight scene. I’ve noticed that a lot of American films dealing with kids always has a food fight scene in it. Think about it: people are starving everywhere and on tv we see a bunch of kids throwing food around and not giving a damn except for the fun that they get out of it. I mean, where’s the sense in that?

Is their country trying to send out a message to the rest of the world? Are they saying that “Hey, we’re a rich country so we can afford to play with our food!” Is there some sort of unconsious power play in their films which is supposed to awe the rest of the world that these people are so secure in their enviroment that they can throw around food and not care beyond having to clean up their mess afterwards?

I don’t know. I’m just guessing.

I must have watched too much conspiracy theory documentaries. X.X


Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2009 by Rica Cristina Baldomar

It annoys me to no end how anime sanitizes mangga. It always irks me to think of the number of scenes and dialougues in mangga that are not included in the anime. Yeah, anime is supposed to be an adaptation of mangga but come on! How far does anime have to adapt to please the people who cannot stomach some of the mangga contents?

Take for example Inuyasha mangga and Inuyasha anime. More importantly, the relationship between Seshumaru and Rin. Seshumaru is Inuyasha’s older half brother, the guy being a full blooded demon while as Inuyasha is only half. The two share the same father. Now, while as Inuyasha doesnt really have anithing against humans, Seshumaru loathes them. Funny thing is, he meets this little human girl named Rin and takes her in.

At this point the anime and mangga deviate. In the anime, the relationship between human and demon stay platonic while as in the mangga it is in implied that there is something more between the two. Accordingly, the maker of the mangga Rumiko Takahashi modeled the relationship of Seshumaru and Rin from Genji Monogatari’s Genji and Murasaki.

In Genji Monogatari, Genji who is a Japanese nobelman falls in love with a little girl named Murasaki and raises her to become his wife. In the anime, it’s implied that there is an attraction between Rin and Seshumaru which becomes more blatant in the later volumes in the mangga. Unfortunately, this was not shown in the anime becuaes some of it’s American producers balked at the idea of implying a relationship between a grown man and young girl. They were thinking along the lines of pedophilia and Lolita complex.

I just thought Sesh and Rin would look good together.

Man, these things are sooo anoying. X.X

Urban Legends and Exams

Posted in Uncategorized on February 6, 2009 by Rica Cristina Baldomar

I had my exam earlier in Pop Lit and my head got messed up with the second question. It was about the recurring discourses in folklore, children’s literarture and urban legends. I was all good with the folklore and children’s literature but when I got to the urban legends part I got stumped: how in the heck can I connect the former two with the later?

So I had to delve deep into my store of knowledge try to sift through all the various bits and pieces of information I had acquired in the span of the class. There weren’t a lot about urban legends. I therefore conclude that I am screwed.

I wonder if I’ll get a passing score in that exam?

I’m not so optimistic. Crap. X.X