It annoys me to no end how anime sanitizes mangga. It always irks me to think of the number of scenes and dialougues in mangga that are not included in the anime. Yeah, anime is supposed to be an adaptation of mangga but come on! How far does anime have to adapt to please the people who cannot stomach some of the mangga contents?

Take for example Inuyasha mangga and Inuyasha anime. More importantly, the relationship between Seshumaru and Rin. Seshumaru is Inuyasha’s older half brother, the guy being a full blooded demon while as Inuyasha is only half. The two share the same father. Now, while as Inuyasha doesnt really have anithing against humans, Seshumaru loathes them. Funny thing is, he meets this little human girl named Rin and takes her in.

At this point the anime and mangga deviate. In the anime, the relationship between human and demon stay platonic while as in the mangga it is in implied that there is something more between the two. Accordingly, the maker of the mangga Rumiko Takahashi modeled the relationship of Seshumaru and Rin from Genji Monogatari’s Genji and Murasaki.

In Genji Monogatari, Genji who is a Japanese nobelman falls in love with a little girl named Murasaki and raises her to become his wife. In the anime, it’s implied that there is an attraction between Rin and Seshumaru which becomes more blatant in the later volumes in the mangga. Unfortunately, this was not shown in the anime becuaes some of it’s American producers balked at the idea of implying a relationship between a grown man and young girl. They were thinking along the lines of pedophilia and Lolita complex.

I just thought Sesh and Rin would look good together.

Man, these things are sooo anoying. X.X


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