Where were the twins?

The other night I had nothing to do so I went over to my friends to borrow some movies. She lent me this VCD entitled “The Twins Effect”. Two things struck me when she gave me the VCD:

1. It had a huge picture of Jackie Chan on the cover and when I watched the movie I found out that the guy had a vey, very, very, very, very minor role in it.

2.  The title was “The Twin Efects” but there was nothing ever said about twins in the movie. Heck, I didnt see any of the characters who looked like they were related to each other.

After i finished the movie I decided to peruse the CD case and found out the reasons for my earlier observations. Jackie Chan’s face was all over the cover because he produced the movie. Which goed to show that when you have a name, you try to use as much as you can. SO even though it wasnt relevant for him to be in that movie he was in it all for the sake that more people will watch it because it has Jacie Chan in it.

After looking at the back part of the CD case I also found out why it was called “The Twins Effect”. It seems that these so called Hongkong pop sensations called “The Twins” (I can’t tell which of the main characters the twins were because it wasnt in the credits. I guess that whoever is in charge of these things thought that “The Twins” are popular enough so they don’t need an introduction. They thought wrong.) were the star of the movies, hence the title “The Twins Effect”. Again, this is another sad attempt to bolster viewing with thde use of some famous (or not so famous) name.

The movie was one of those vampire ones and I have this feeling that it must be based on some obscure anime or manga out there. I have a feeling though that the anime or manga must have been a lot better because honestly, the movie sucked. It tried to incorporate anime money shots but they failed at it. The weapons which would have looked cool in anime or manga form just looked bulky and akward in live show. Another thing about the movie is that it reeked of low budget in a really sleazy way.

Just goes to show that having a couple of hot shots in a movie does not make it a hit. X.X


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