Sex Videos and the News

I don’t like to watch the news and tonight, I’m reminded why. On tv they were discussing Haydon Kho and Katrina Halili’s sex video. By the way they were going on you would think that some catastrophe happened or that there was coup de etat or something of equal gravity.

The thing about it here is that it is just a sex video. Thousands of videos are made each month yet we don’t raise an eyebrow and here comes this video about some actress and a plastic surgeon’s lover and the country goes haywire.

I am appalled at the idea that  people have used said video to have to the limelight centered on them. What is wrong with you sick people? There are things out there that more important than a movie of two attractive people getting it on! The news is sensationalizing something which should be left alone! What makes it worse is that they have dragged politicians into the whole sordid deal.

It’s a sad day indeed when scandals matter more than real news. A sad day indeed.


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