Googling and invisibility.

I remembered the movie “Wanted” and how the main character would google his name, just to see whether he does exists online. Everytime he would do so nothing would appear. I had nothing to do so I did something like it: I googled my name. A few things appeared. Average things. I exist.

I googled the name of my exs. No, I didn’t do it because I was feeling like a stalkerish ex-girlfriend but rather to see how things were going for them. Was I surprised. I found out a few things I didn’t know about them while I was still going out with them (not at the same time of course): 1. P sings. He actually CAN sing. 2. G still looks good. Really good. 3. J doesn’t have anything which refers to his current status in life. This sounds mean, but I was sort of expecting him to gloat about it. 4. R absolutely has nothing on him on the net. Frankly, this isn’t really very surprising considering that R likes to stay in the background. The guy’s a lurker.

 Other than finding about said boys (I’m not sure I can really call them men. Well, J seems to be the closest to the description) I’ve also found out something. It can be incredibly frustrating when you can’t find information on the person you’re googling. I felt that way when I was googling R. Oh well.

Getting all philosophical here, what does being on the net have anything to do with our identity? Does it mean that if we don’t exist on the net we don’t exist at all or are invisible. I don’t know. But the idea just struck me now. What if it’s by choice that we don’t exist online? Does this mean tha we ourselves are working towards invisibility? I don’t know.


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